Monday, 12 March 2012

Screen Siren #2: Carole Lombard

Born Jane Alice Peters (October 6, 1908 – January 16, 1942) 

Carole Lombard was a comedic actress in the 1930s. Her first ever role was in "A Perfect Crime" at the age of 12 after being spotted playing baseball in the street by director Allan Dwan. However, she did not star in a film for another four years. 

Although she is much loved for her acting abilities it must be noted that she was very kind natured and down to earth. She was known for her sense of humour and practical jokes. Due to her extroverted nature and kind heart she had many friends who loved her dearly.

She married William Powell in 1931 whom she met when they starred alongside each other in the film Man of the World. They divorced in 1933 but remained good friends. 

In 1939 she married Clarke Gable. Gable said of her: "You can trust that little screwball with your life or your hopes or your weaknesses, and she wouldn't even know how to think about letting you down." Their marriage was a very happy one and they brought out the best in each other.

On January 16, 1942 Carole died in an airplane crash which also killed her mother. Gable was devastated by her death and although he remarried two more times he was described by Esther Williams as "never being the same again, his heart sank a bit."

Carole was frank, honest, charming and kind. It is rare that you find a person who is equally as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside but she was, without a doubt, one of those people :)

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